Kurz vorm Ziel :)

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y-kaku hat gesagt…

Hello My name is y-kaku.
Thank you very much for making wonderful MOD of WTCC BMW E90.

By the way, I made the SKIN packing. It contains 40 kinds of new team.
I want to hold a Japanese original league game by this SKIN packing.

May I modify a part of BMW_E90.hdv and BMW_E90.sfx because it wants to sound the pit stop and the horn?
It is a link of a present, latest versions. Please try freely.

I want to give you the decompression password and send mail to kakuyoshi(at)gmail.com, please.

Thank you.

AmStaFF hat gesagt…

Hi Y-kaku,

please mail me , amstaff(at)raceskinning.de